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Alicea Leah

Growing up, I was always interested in beauty, making things and helping the planet.  I remember making my own recycled paper and coming up with ideas of how to make items from scratch.  A number of years ago I began formulating my own beauty products for myself.  I shared some products with friends and pretty soon I had developed several products.  I was approached by a few people asking where they could purchase my products, and so it goes.  The rest I guess you could say is history.  My Grandparents played such a big role in my childhood that I've created some lip balms as a tribute to them both.  My Grandmother would always make Strawberry-Rhubarb jam and pie- straight from her garden, and my Grandfather would always give me a spoonful of sugar when taking medicine- just like Mary Poppins. So my Strawberry-Rhubarb and Brown Sugar Lip Balms are a tribute to my loving and influential Grandparents, enjoy!